Add more value to yourself

No human is perfect, humans have flaws, but nothing is wrong if people do something to try to be more perfect. There are a few things to add a plus to the self of each human being:

1. Confidence is very important.
If we take action that is inconsistent with our nature, we will be restless. Though anxiety may be because of the failure. If then we fail, motivation and confidence also declined. Let's not do something that is clearly contrary to conscience.
2. Avoid face grim.
A beaming face clearly more attractive than faces Shining. But this does not mean we have to install a smile all the time and constantly invite people joke
3. Take firm action, if necessary.
  Practice on small matters first. For example, we buy canned goods that were damaged. Then we return the goods. In this way we train our confidence, so that also dare to take action when facing a big problem.
4. Remember always to others.
This is the most effective way to make other people are also paying attention to us.
5. Spontaneity is very important
When we used to and orderly and under control, try an occasional impulsive. You see, charismatic person who is spontaneous, too.
6. Establish yourself on your own talent
See what occupations are most under our control and the like. Muster all the energy and time for the job. Do not hesitate to try something new and self-test capabilities.
7. Rely on the initiative!
Familiarize yourself become executor. Soon do the changes that may have been kept pending. Try to find the cause (rather than reason) your laziness.
Indeed, these measures may not be able to change personalities overnight, but if actually implemented, most likely charisma in you will grow.
Greetings success ... ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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