Usability dates

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Praise be to Allah. Allah always provides convenience -

will ease the affairs of His servants.

"Science is useful when the science it could be useful for others".

This is a little knowledge may be useful for us all, let us discuss about the order to a date.

Dates are the fruit of the blessed. Rasulullah SAW bequeath to us to eat it when it starts to break their fast in Ramadan. He put the palm of the other menus. So what can be revealed by modern science regarding the efficacy of dates for humans?

1. Tamr (dried dates) serves to strengthen the intestinal cells and can help launch

urinary tract because it contains fibers in charge of controlling the rate of bowel movements and strengthen the uterus, especially when giving birth.

2. Ruthab (wet dates) to prevent bleeding for women in childbirth

and accelerate the process of positioning the womb as usual before the time of pregnancy

In fresh dates contained oxytocine hormone-like hormone that may help the birthing process.

Oxytocine hormone is a hormone that helps one of its functions when a woman or animal

females giving birth and breastfeeding.

Recent research states that the fruit ruthab (wet dates) have an influence

controlling the rate of motion of the uterus and increase the systolenya (contraction of the heart when the blood

pumped into the arteries).

In fact Allah  commanded Maryam binti Imran

to eat dates during labor, because the filling dates as well

make the motion regular uterine contractions increased, so that Mary gave birth to her easily.

 3. Useful also for mothers who give birth out

Pregnant women who give birth was in dire need of beverages and foods that are rich in

elements of sugar, this is because of the large contraction of the muscles of the uterus when it will issue a baby,

even more so if it takes a long time. Sugar content and vitamin B1 is

helps to control the rate of motion of the uterus and increase the sistolenya (contraction of the heart

dippompa when blood into the arteries). And both elements are contained in many ruthab

(Wet dates). Sugar content in ruthab very easy to quickly digested by the body.

Maturity dates are very rich in calcium and iron elements. Therefore, it is highly recommended

for women who are pregnant and give birth, even Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala

ordered to Maryam Al-Adzra (virgin) to eat it while it is post partum (after

childbirth). Levels of iron and calcium are very ripe palm fruit contained sufficient and

crucial in the process of formation of breast milk. Levels of iron and calcium contained

dates can replace the energy depleted mothers during childbirth or breastfeeding. Iron

and calcium are the two elements of an effective and essential for infant growth. The reason, two

This element is the most influential in the formation of blood and bone marrow.

4. Facilitate the delivery and assist the safety of the mother and baby.

Happy days are happier to welcome the blessing of Allah, amen ...

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