when the word hero is mentioned, it occurred in the brain of a man.
but, make no mistake women are also heroes.
try reading the following
Travell women
Women were created by Allah(God) to be the son, wife and mother. Life becomes a fetus in the womb mother, can not choose, for example a child who.
When she was born into a child (infant)
He is the winner, the selected fetal beat thousands of other fetuses in the womb of the mother.
All winners are born insan
God provided all of perfection, but children may not be able to use it, just crying and thathe could sleep, thirsty, hungry cry, and when the child will feel comfortable sleeping likethat its days of infancy.
Spoiled, lap, that's the treatment of the mother to her baby boy.
The degree of the mother who is very noble, he woman who has been pregnant for 9months 10 days. In general, a woman pregnant.

First 3 months: frequent vomiting, dizziness, fainting and even other things.
3 months Second: The fetus begins to move - movement in the womb, sometimeschanging the sense of life of the mother is pregnant. Sometimes decreased appetite,sometimes also always feel like pampered nearest and if his wish is not fulfilled theiroften women who are pregnant angry.
3 months Third: the start of the fetus, the movement began samakin active, this time apregnant woman feel uncomfortable, sit, stand, sleep and even less comfortable.

CIRCUMSTANCES ARE SO HEAVY imaginable, PREGNANT WOMAN IS NOTMAKING despair, live life with Gratitude.
Maternity: When the pregnancy is imperfect, struggling women risking life, body, and even lives, for the sake of new life for the sake of the baby.
Every effort was not perceived pain.
You remember your mother, how you can born in this world, get her sinceresincere because mother is a sincere Allah
Breastfeeding: Women have become my mother will feel the pain when not able tobreastfeed her child, both physically and spiritual. So come on like that created bywomen, when women have children she will breastfeed.

Women were never complain, if the middle of the night should wake up to feed her babyis nursing. And that's lasted long enough, can be up to 4 months after the baby is born,every one hour, two hours sleep woke up again, yet another purpose, such as infantbladder (urinating) & section (Discard water Large).

Besides all of that has not women take care of herself after giving birth.
Children, living a new life with new people he knew, the mother's father, grandmother,grandfather, etc., would have been a very long journey, until the child can be said today.

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