Green Beans Ingredients and Benefits

Seeing so much the efficacy of green beans, let's look at the following:

Green Beans Ingredients and Benefits:

- Strengthen bones.

- Lose weight.

- Antioxidants prevent premature aging and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

- Improving fertility couples.

- Increase of energy that is not easily tired.

- Strengthening the power of concentration

there are many myths about fertility, one of which is to eat green beans can increase the fertility of the couple husband and wife.

Green beans or Phaselous Aureus derived from family Leguminosease or legumes.

Green beans have important nutrients, such as sources of minerals (calcium and phosphorus) are beneficial for strengthening bones, the content of unsaturated fatty acids are safe for consumption, especially for those who are obese to lose weight.

Green beans also contain as much as 24% protein, so the best alternative for obtaining

protein other than fish are of beans, including green beans.

For people who are deficient in vitamin B1, can eat green beans. Vitamin B1 is

part of the coenzyme that plays an important role in the oxidation of carbohydrates to be converted into

energy. Without vitamin B1, the body will have difficulty in breaking carbohydrates. In addition,

people who are deficient in vitamin B1 will show symptoms of mood disorders, difficulty concentrating, and easily tired.

Vitamin B2 is contained in green beans may help the absorption of protein in the body.

Antioxidants in green beans very well to prevent premature aging and prevent

spread of cancer cells, and of course its vitamin E content helps to improve fertility.

Very large indeed useless, not one that many people fond of nuts

green by consuming them.

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